NEWS - 1 June, 2018

Floral Mesh Collection

Our new Floral Mesh Collection combines delicate blossoms with our translucent mesh fabric. Inspired by the floral Kimono silks of her youth, Yumiko Takeshima’s newest Ready to Wear collection is available in a variety of women’s styles and feature Floral Rose and Floral Black Mesh panels and overlays.


Floral Mesh Collection

"My great grandparents had a Kimono shop in rural Japan, where I grew up surrounded by beautiful floral Kimono silks. My parents would often take me to Kyoto where the Kimono fabrics were made and I’d just stare at the fabrics all day long. I was always fascinated to touch them. Of course my parents would say ‘Don’t touch them – they are very expensive!’ This definitely inspired me later in life to work intimately with fabric - touching and feeling it. My mom also practiced the art of Ikebana flower arrangement. I would watch her doing that for hours. It’s a really beautiful visual practice about simplicity and creating life that always tells a story."
– Yumiko Takeshima

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Floral Mesh Collection online leotards Yumiko

The online Floral Mesh Collection includes:

ALICIA in N-Rose with Floral Mesh Rose overlay

GINA in N-Rose and N-Antique with Floral Mesh Rose.

MEAGAN in N-Black with Floral Mesh Black

MEAGAN in N-Dawn and N-Antique with Floral Mesh Rose

SOFIANE in N-Black with Floral Mesh Black overlay

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In addition to the online pieces, each Yumiko Boutique carries special and different Floral Mesh Collection pieces. Visit, call or email your nearest boutique to find out what styles and combinations are available.

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Available for a limited time, until supplies last