NEWS - 22 April, 2017

Do you know where your clothes come from?


Recently we’ve been asked by conscious consumers to share more about our sustainability practices. As Yumiko has always been a socially conscious brand since day one of our conception, we are pleased to do so.

Earth Day Yumiko

Through our choices, we hope to be active contributors to social progress and environmental preservation. There are always challenges, and we don’t claim to have all the solutions, but we can show you the steps we are taking to be a sustainable and compassionate company now and in the future.

We are committed to transparent production practices and we value the individuals who work behind the scenes to make our clothes. That is why we are proud to take part in Fashion Revolution Week April 24th – 30th 2017.

Yumiko Earth Day Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that campaigns for the systemic reform of the industry with a special focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Throughout the week on social media we will be sharing our story by answering the question
‘Who made my clothes?’

Yumiko Earth Day Who Makes My Clothes Fashion Revolution

Students of Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin
at the Yumiko Boutique Berlin

Maria, seamstress
Yumiko Workshop, Cazalla del la Sierra, Spain

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You can get involved by showing your support for ethical and environmentally clean clothing. Hashtags #WhoMadeMyClothes, #GoTransparent, #FashionRevolution #Yumiko #YumikoWorkshop

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