NEWS - 3 May, 2018

MultiColor+ Collection

Starting today YUMIKO is offering a limited selection of new MultiColor+ Pieces online and in boutiques.


MultiColor+ Collection

Color has always been at the very heart of YUMIKO dancewear. Founder Yumiko Takeshima began creating one-of-a-kind leotards with compelling color combinations years before establishing the YUMIKO brand. More recently she has continued the dream through the interactive COLOR BARS at each Yumiko Boutique.

With her new MultiColor+ Collection she is going a step further to offer something truly out of this world. The PLUS in the MultiColor+ Collection is the additional and multiple fabrics and colors for every individual section strap, trimming and panel of the leotards in the collection. Some pieces feature two different colors within the same panel, alternating velvet and nylon trims on different sides of the body, as well as multiple fabrics and colors used for straps and necklines.

No company that mass-produces dancewear could ever offer anything similar. The complicated process requires that every element of each leotard be carefully selected and constructed by hand. This kind of individual detail and the personal craftsmanship is something Yumiko Takeshima had always done. Now with this new collection she is offering a limited number of some of her favorite color and fabric combinations.

MultiColor+ Collection Pieces are Ready to Wear and available online and in Yumiko Boutiques.

MultiColor+ Online

The Online Collection includes:

ALICIA Long Sleeve
Body Color: Nylon Berry
Top Color: Nylon Antique
Sleeves: Nylon Dark Blue
Trim: Nylon Ocher

ALICIA Short Sleeve
Body Color: Techni Cayenne
Top Color: Techni Ivory and Techni Pistachio
Trim: Velvet Silver and Velvet Toffee

Body Color: Nylon Royal
Top Color: Nylon Lavender
Trim: Nylon Cobra, Nylon Lemon and Nylon Jazz

SOFIANE Cap Sleeve
Body Color: Techni Slate
Top Color: Techni Angelic
Sleeves: Techni Sweet
Trim: Nylon Light Blue and Techni Pistachio

See the collection here

In addition to the online pieces, Yumiko Takeshima has created special and different MultiColor+ Collection pieces for each of the three Yumiko Boutiques. Visit, call or email your nearest boutique to find out what styles and combinations are available.

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