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2016 YumiGirl of the Year: Chloë Réveillon


As the official YumiGirl of the Paris Opera Ballet, Chloë’s passion for Yumiko Dancewear goes hand in hand with her positive, can-do attitude. At the age of 18 upon joining the Paris Opera Ballet Company, Chloë contacted Yumiko on her own initiative and set up the first YumiGirl brand ambassador program in Paris. Since that time, Chloë has developed a very personal and creative approach to sharing her enthusiasm for Yumiko with others. Chloë continues to impress us with her developing career as an artist and her commitment to being an inspiring YumiGirl.


YumiGirl of the Year Chloe

YumiGirl of the Year Chloë Réveillon.
Chloë is wearing a Yumiko Denise in White Nylon (N-White) with Velvet White top (V-White)

photo by Maria-Helena Buckley

Chloë began her dance training at the Paris Opera Ballet School and later moved to London to attend the Upper Royal Ballet School. She returned to Paris in 2013 when she was offered a professional contract with the Paris Opera Ballet Company.

We spoke with Chloë between her rehearsals.

Congratulations on becoming YumiGirl of the year!

Thank you! I was really happy and excited to hear because I really like Yumiko Dancewear, especially the fact that you can wear dance clothes you designed on your own. I wasn’t aware that one could even become YumiGirl of the Year so I was really surprised to hear. 

When did you get your first Yumiko?

I first noticed Yumiko when I was at the Royal Ballet School and I saw other students with these really special leotards. Growing up in France we didn’t have Yumiko yet, so I only got my first ones when my dad went on a trip to New York and brought me home some leotards from the Yumiko store there. I loved them! They were all so beautiful and comfy - I could wash them and they would keep the same great fit. So I began to only wear those special Yumikos.

How did you become a YumiGirl?

I left Paris to dance with the Vienna Staatsballett for one year, and in that company they had a YumiGirl, which I had never heard of before. I started designing my own Yumiko’s and ordering through that YumiGirl. Then when I went back to Paris I thought - ok, not many people here have Yumiko Dancewear, so I wrote to the headquarters to ask if I could be the first YumiGirl at The Paris Opera Ballet.

I began by telling my friends about Yumiko and lending them my own leotards to wear and try out. They tried it and they loved it. They thought it felt so good! So we decided to all order together. Slowly more and more people from the company, not only my friends, started coming to me to ask about Yumiko.

yumiko girl of the year chloe paris 2

Chloë Réveillon wearing a Yumiko Tiffany
photo by Maria-Helena Buckley

What is your personal approach to being a YumiGirl? 

I tell my friends and colleagues that you need to feel good about what you work in and what you wear everyday. I explain that with Yumiko you can really design anything you want yourself - it’s a way for you to design your own dance clothes. Yumiko dancewear can be super trendy and original or it can be whatever you want it to be. I also let them know that Yumiko dancewear is really comfortable and sustainable.

I’ve had some friends say ‘I can’t decide,’ or who have never designed their own leotards, so I will go to a coffee shop with them and take the time to help. People like different things, so I let them know that with Yumiko you can adjust anything you want and show them all the varieties to choose from.

Usually they come back to me later to say ‘sorry to bother you but I’d like to place another order.’

What is your favorite Yumiko style?  

The first models I had were Tamara in T-Candy and Jessica in T-Spirit. The Jessica was my favorite, I really loved that one. I also had an Alex in an unusual color combination with Titanium and Lemon. Now my favorite styles are the Tiffany and Natasha (lifting up t-shirt to show) I’m actually wearing a Natasha now because I didn’t have time to change before the interview! Recently, I’ve started to collect some Black Label pieces. I have a purple Dip Dye and a Sofiane with lace on the top.

What is the craziest Yumiko leotard you’ve ever designed? 

Once when I was at a coffee shop helping a friend sort through the colors and models we ended up with a crazy color combo - Grapefruit with Burgundy trim. We thought ‘oh no, this is going to be weird’ but actually we were very pleased with the way it came out.

Could you tell us about your own dance career? What are you working on now? 

We just finished Swan Lake and will start working on Balanchine’s version of A Midsummer’s Night Dream next. Right now I’m also preparing for a Gala performance organized by dancers in the company where I’m going to perform the Black Swan pas de deux and Le Corsaire. It’s great because in the company I work in the corps de ballet and in the Gala I get the chance to perform other roles.

For rehearsals I always like to choose my Yumikos depending on what we are working on. For example during Swan Lake when I’m working in uniform lines with other dancers, I wear soft Yumiko colors. But for other things like the Gala rehearsals I like to wear different and original Yumiko colors.


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Chloë wears the Denise in White Nylon with Velvet White top.

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